How leafleting depends on their content

Even small changes in the layout leaflets can be re-enhance the value: to attract customers, increase sales, etc.
To leafleting benefited, you need to know the basic rules of layout.

1. The essence of the promotional offer should be evident. You can use a large font, bright colors. Psychologists have found: advertising does not read from beginning to end, and from the large to the small font. If a person is not immediately “grab” look essence of the proposal, he will not read the text.

2. The second thing is to see a potential customer in the leaflet – “amusements.” It may be discounts, original products, all that distinguished names of the seller of goods or services from hundreds of others.

3. Tex flyers should sound simple, clear, yes. Particle “not” should forever excluded from promotional offers. Do not write “do not forget, do not be afraid”. Write to “remember, you can be sure”.

4. The leaflet should be small, and the text on it a large and readable. Too much just throw the flyer, too little – will lose the fine print will not read. In any case, sales promotion fail.

5. Do not call Leaflets Leaflets. Let it be a discount coupon, calendar, invitation card – any document that gives the right to use the free offer.

6. Do not skimp on quality: leaflets on cheap paper discarded in the first place.

Of course, it is best to make a flyer professionals who work in an advertising agency. But if the business is at the very beginning and there is no money for the services of professionals, imagine yourself in the place of passers: whatever information you want to receive it?

Record it, given the requirements for the content of leaflets, pick the correct fonts and colors: believe me, sales promotion necessarily increase. If you did everything correctly.